A Little About Us

In July of 2000, Riverside Cyclery opened with the goal to provide southeast Iowa with the bike and skate shop that was long overdue. One that would do its best to provide bikers and skaters, both young and old, not only with the products and brands to suit their tastes and desires, but also with the quality, friendly service they deserved.  And, of course, we enjoy serving each and every one of our customers, and we do our best in the hopes that they continue to choose us!

With firm roots in Ottumwa, we realize and understand the importance of having a quality-minded, locally-owned shop that bikers and skateboarders in our region can go to when they need something. …even if it is just a great place to “hang out”.

We have access to many high-quality bike brands, nearly every brand of skateboard product on the market, and typically sell our products at the same price (or less), and get them just as fast (or faster) than any mail order business. We’ve heard enough horror stories from our customers to know that having a local shop, one that you can consult with and ensure you are getting exactly what you want, is the right thing to do.

And supporting your local shops and businesses is also the right thing to do. The dollars spent on purchases made locally are more likely to continue to be turned over within the community, thereby generating tax dollars that, in turn, benefit the local community (job creation, better product selection, better roads and schools, skateparks, etc.).

And dollars spent outside the community (mail order and ebay, for example) generate ZERO DOLLARS to benefit your community! Think about that…

So, support your local businesses, and they will do their best to support you. We promise!

For more info on the shop, check out our Community Spotlight video:

12 thoughts on “A Little About Us

      1. Abel

        Josh, your bike shop sets the bar high as an example of what every small business ought to strive for. You are a true expert in your field, and understand the needs of the ever type of rider from you own experiences. I have no doubt that you can find the right solution to any mechanical problem. Your sales are fair and reasonable. But most admirably, you treat every customer not only respectfully, but also like a good friend. Thanks for truly demonstrating the golden rule in the business realm!

  1. Carmen

    I have a Bianchi avenue and need new tires. Would this be something you could do for me? And price tubes and tires?

    1. gettjoshua Post author

      Yes, of course. Tires will start out about $15/tire on the low end and go up from there depending on quality/features. Michelin makes a great tire (puncture protection, reflective stripe, etc.) for about $25/tire. Basic tubes run $3.99/each. Installation is $4 for the front wheel, $5 for the rear.

  2. Angelina Bibby

    I have a bike that needs the bearings and breaks replaced and not cost an arm and a leg I was wondering how much it would cost through you guys to get it done?

    1. gettjoshua Post author

      We can do any repair on a bike. To give you the most accurate cost estimate, it would be helpful to more accurately define the repairs you are needing done.

      For example, when you say “brakes replaced”, are you referring only to the brake pads (that make contact with the rim of the wheel), and/or are you referring to the brake cable/wire, and/or the brake lever (on the handlebar), and/or the caliper (that squeezes the brake pads against the rim)?

      On the “bearings replaced”, which bearings? The bearings in the wheel hubs, or the crankset, or the headset (in the steering of the fork), or in the pedals?

      A quick phone call during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-3) could help to better pinpoint the exact repairs/parts you’re needing, in order to provide an estimate for you. And, of course, bringing the bike into the shop would be the absolute best way to give you the most accurate pricing for the repairs you’re needing, as well as identify any other issues the bike is either currently having, or might soon have if preemptive actions aren’t taken, all to make sure the bike is perfectly safe to ride.

      If you haven’t been to it yet, you can find a listing of our per-repair labor rates/charges here: https://riversidecyclery.wordpress.com/repair-services/

      As far as prices per part, of course that will depend on the exact parts, and models/versions of those parts, that are necessary. For example, brake “pads” can cost as little as $1 per pad, but those $1 pads might not be the “correct” pads for your bike’s brake type/mechanism. Individual ball bearings are usually .04¢ per ball, but different wheels, for example (assuming you’re referring to wheel bearings), will take a different number of bearings. And, if “bearings” are needing replaced, then it is not uncommon that additional wear/damage has occurred in those areas that the bearings roll against that would/could require that other parts would also need to be replaced.

      Like I said, a phone call would help to more quickly define the needed repairs, or you could even text photos to our shop phone line (641-814-2424) of the brake and bearing areas on the bike you’re needing repaired, or the absolute best thing would be to bring the bike in so that we can accurately determine what repairs are needed and the correct replacement parts necessary for those repairs.

      Our estimates are almost always spot on to the final cost, so I have no doubt that there would be no “surprises” in your final bill, but that always depends on making an accurate assessment to the work being done (again, exact areas needing repairs and the correct parts necessary), so we want to make sure we make the best assessment prior to providing a cost figure.

      If it helps, we are often told that our repair work/costs are very reasonable (quite often we are told that we don’t charge enough), so, generally speaking, arms and legs have never been necessary at the time of payment. 😉

  3. Wanda

    Just had my trike serviced at Riverside Cyclery and am totally pleased. Fast, friendly, quality, and reasonably priced service. Wish I had known of RC when I bought my trike a couple of years ago. I’ll definitely go back!


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