A Little About Us

In July of 2000, Riverside Cyclery opened with the goal to provide southeast Iowa with the bike and skate shop that was long overdue. One that would do its best to provide bikers and skaters, both young and old, not only with the products and brands to suit their tastes and desires, but also with the quality, friendly service they deserved.  And, of course, we enjoy serving each and every one of our customers, and we do our best in the hopes that they continue to choose us!

With firm roots in Ottumwa, we realize and understand the importance of having a quality-minded, locally-owned shop that bikers and skateboarders in our region can go to when they need something. …even if it is just a great place to “hang out”.

We have access to many high-quality bike brands, nearly every brand of skateboard product on the market, and typically sell our products at the same price (or less), and get them just as fast (or faster) than any mail order business. We’ve heard enough horror stories from our customers to know that having a local shop, one that you can consult with and ensure you are getting exactly what you want, is the right thing to do.

And supporting your local shops and businesses is also the right thing to do. The dollars spent on purchases made locally are more likely to continue to be turned over within the community, thereby generating tax dollars that, in turn, benefit the local community (job creation, better product selection, better roads and schools, skateparks, etc.).

And dollars spent outside the community (mail order and ebay, for example) generate ZERO DOLLARS to benefit your community! Think about that…

So, support your local businesses, and they will do their best to support you. We promise!

For more info on the shop, check out our Community Spotlight video:


4 thoughts on “A Little About Us

  1. Carmen

    I have a Bianchi avenue and need new tires. Would this be something you could do for me? And price tubes and tires?

    1. gettjoshua Post author

      Yes, of course. Tires will start out about $15/tire on the low end and go up from there depending on quality/features. Michelin makes a great tire (puncture protection, reflective stripe, etc.) for about $25/tire. Basic tubes run $3.99/each. Installation is $4 for the front wheel, $5 for the rear.


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